I love teaching.

Ten years ago, I worked as a tour guide in Tunisia. There I was, sharing stories about art and culture while exploring a new place… I loved it! And it made me realize that creating memories and having fun are powerful teaching tools. Since then, I’ve guided museum visits, taught workshops, and developed educational programs for kids and adults.

I love talking about books, the power of reading, visual literacy, illustration and the creative process. My presentations and workshops are highly interactive. I use Visual Thinking Strategies and Game Based Learning because I believe that meaningful learning happens through personal connection and discovery (plus, it’s a lot more fun!).

I have taught at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the California Academy of Sciences and the Museum of Children’s Arts in Oakland. Currently I teach two classes at the City College of San Francisco.

When I have the time, I organize Children’s Books events and workshops for aspiring writers and illustrators in San Francisco. Together with author/illustrator Charlotte Cheng I host Picture Book Surgery.

Some of the things people say about my teaching:

“The teacher was great! She dealt really well with the children.”

“Adjusted the lesson to make it age appropriate for the attendees.”

 “Storyteller was wonderful!”

 “It was a very fun and engaging activity.”

 “Well presented! She is good with kids.”

 “Diana is an outstanding, caring person who is exceptional at what she does.”