Diana Murray + Diana Toledano. (Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, Fall 2018)

When millions of snowflakes blanket the town in white, ONE energetic puppy and TWO children set out for some snowy day fun--full of friends, sledding, snowballs, puppy hijinks, and more.

The lyrical, rhyming text counts up to ten and back down to one, making this the perfect way to incorporate learning into snow day fun.

•  Scholastic Reading Club selection, 2019.



"The delights of snow-day snow-play in a small town are enumerated in this early concept book for tots... In this childcentric tale (no adults in sight), they are soon joined by a diverse cast of six friends eager to sled, make snow angels, and build snowmen... this gambol allows parents and children room to talk about seasonal weather and activities. " – Kirkus Reviews 

"A natural pairing for Ezra Jack Keats' Snowy Day, of course, but also a sweet, idyllic alternative for those occasions when the classic needs a rest." - Booklist

"his sweet counting book will charm little ones with its clever rhyming couplets and a fun story that goes through the day and tiptoes to bedtime and sleep. It's a terrific way to help little ones to quiet down for the night...Youngsters will love this book and so will the adults who read it to them." - Tulsa Book Review

"This snowy picture book is a superb way to encourage counting strategies for young children during the winter months and is a great jump start for sequencing ideas to support curriculum development. Filled with a diverse cast of children..." - School Library Journal